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About Dementia Matters in Powys

Dementia Matters in Powys is an independent charitable organisation that works in partnership with communities, third-sector and statutory organisations to develop and share innovative practice. The ultimate collective goal is to create a dementia friendly county that fully supports the health, well-being and quality of life of people living with dementia or at evident risk of dementia, and those who care for them.

Dementia Matters in Powys is committed to giving a voice to those living with dementia and doing things ‘with’ people rather than ‘for’ them. By working together in this way we will create communities that respect, value and empower individuals so that they are more able to face the challenges before them and can exercise more choice and control in their own lives.

Our vision can be simply summed up as :

Powys – Communities Where People With Dementia Matter

Would you like to join our team?

We are currently recruiting for a Dementia Community Development Officer fixed term contact until Oct 2021) for the Brecknockshire Area. During CV19 the successful candidate will be working from home however once 'normal' is restored work will be across the shire. DMiP are open to job sharing. The role is for 30 hours per week and we are flexible as to how these hours are arranged. Would you like to join our team and make a difference everyday?

Our Dementia Community Development Officers meet the needs of people living with dementia, their families and carers. A ready smile, warm welcome and listening ear are are all essential.

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Our priorities

We want to drive change so that people affected by dementia are empowered to exercise choice and control over their own lives and become active citizens in their communities. We are committed to seeing the whole person and ensuring that he or she is central to decisions that affect their life.

As such, our work will fall in to five priorities:
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Priority 1

Giving a Voice

Building communities that give a voice to those living with dementia and their carers so that their needs can be fully recognised and can inform and influence community support, services, strategies, policies and plans.

Priority 2

Tackling Myths and Stigmas

Building communities that tackle the myths and stigma around dementia, raise the profile and show a high level of public awareness and understanding of dementia, including the different needs among individuals and their carers.

Priority 3

Promoting Independence, Choice and Control

Building communities that encourage people with a dementia and their carers to seek help and support at the earliest opportunity in order to remain independent and have choice and control over their lives.

Priority 4

Being Supportive and Inclusive

Building communities that are supportive and inclusive and provide education, practical advice and opportunities for people living with dementia, their carers and their family members.

Priority 5

Partnership Working

Building and establishing our organisation as a valued and informed strategic partner.

We will know that there has been progress when people affected by dementia can talk about a better quality of life and sense of well-being, and when they can say:

  • I live in a place that suits me and my needs
  • I am able to be as independent as possible
  • I get the help and support I need when I need it
  • I feel safe, listened to, valued and respected
  • I am empowered to do the things that are important to me

To download the Dementia Matters in Powys Business Plan, please click here.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this website, would like anything added or have any constructive feedback, we would love to hear from you via our contact page: Get in touch with Dementia Matters in Powys.

Our staff

deborah gerrard

Chief Officer

Tel: 07947 647790


toni borgia

Administration & Finance Development Officer

Tel: 01597 821166



Ystradgynlais Meeting Centre Facilitator

Tel: 01597 822477


julie goodridge

Dementia Community Development Officer

Tel: 07947 703074


This could be you!

Dementia Community Development Officer - Brecknockshire

Tel: 07539 267376


See the link at the top of this page for the role description and application form.

wendy moss

Dementia Community Development Officer

Tel: 07539 267385