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Why is being Dementia Friendly important for businesses and organisations? There are estimated to be as many as 2,500 people with dementia living in Powys and by 2025 that number is set to rise to more than 3,750.

Increasingly, people with dementia are living for much longer in the community which means more and more of your staff, customers and potential customers will be affected by dementia.

Becoming a Dementia Friendly organisation will have direct benefits for staff affected by dementia but also makes good business sense.

  • It’s the right thing to do
  • It will help you to retain staff
  • You will become an employer of choice
  • It will future-proof your organisation by maintaining customers who might have, or be developing, dementia
  • You will attract new customers as people living with dementia recognise how you are leading the way in supporting people with the condition
  • It will contribute to increased productivity as your staff will be more able to best serve customers who might be living with dementia
  • You will be fulfilling your legal responsibilities

Here are some quick examples of what you could be thinking about below:

  • Ask people with dementia what it is like to use your business
  • Have a look around your building and facilities – are they dementia-friendly?
  • Check whether the information you provide about your business is easy to understand
  • Raise your and your staff’s awareness and understanding of dementia by becoming a Dementia Friend.

Dementia Matters in Powys can run a Dementia Friends session for you or let you know who the Dementia Friends Champions are in your area. We can also supply you with a hard copy of this booklet: Dementia is Everyone's Business

You can also see which businesses and organisations in Brecon as well as some cross county ones that are registered as, or are working toward, becoming Dementia Friendly here.