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Watch 'The Magic' video to see what a DMiP Meeting Centre is like.

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You can help too...

We love our volunteers who help us run our local Meeting Centres, assist with County wide events, get involved as Trustees and support those affected by a dementia diagnosis to adjust to change in practical ways. Contact us if you would like to get involved. 

Our Activities

Adjusting to Change

Are you experiencing possible symptoms of dementia or do you already have a diagnosis... or are you concerned about a family member or friend?

"A diagnosis of dementia is not given just to one person, it is given to a spouse, a partner, a child, the extended family and friends. It is important to remember that every time a diagnosis is made it is life-changing" – Professor Alistair Burns.

Living in a rural area such as Powys can be challenging for anyone looking for support and accessing available services on their doorstep. 

Seeking advice and early diagnosis has been proven to help ensure a better quality of life not only for the person coming to terms with what is happening to them but also for those around them – the benefits of early diagnosis and intervention.


Knit and Natter
Knit and Natter Newtown.jpg

Join the Knit and Natter group who meet monthly. * This fantastic design was created for the Jubilee Games by Knit and Natter Newtown. 


W  - ‘The ladies who organise the sessions are warm and welcoming on every occasion and it's wonderful to meet others in similar circumstances. Thank you’
H  - ‘Lovely caring people - really enjoy going’
P  - ‘I love meeting new friends’
A -  ‘I commend the work of the Leader and the friendliness of the group’
R -  ‘I always have a good time. Everyone is so happy and kind.’
D -  ‘Enjoy seeing and meeting others.’
B  - ‘It's good to meet and share with people in a similar situation. To laugh and have fun together.’

DMiP Brecon.jpg

E -  ‘It's great. Happy, smiley people. Feel safe.’

J  - ‘It is good to meet with others who share and understand my situation.’
H  - ‘Always something to do. Lots of different things. Good food and good company.’

G -  ‘Everyone is so happy and friendly. Lovely to see people’
L -  ‘Food is always good and it is nice seeing other people and getting to know them’

K ‘It was great to get suggestions from everyone joining in the singing in the Meeting Centre. I also enjoyed taking photos and seeing everyone else's Nature Watch. The armchair dance sessions have been great too and helped keep my spirits up and we made good friends with everyone online which has continued now everyone is back face-to-face.’

T, Newtown

"Mum and I enjoyed linking in to the hybrid meetings, seeing what Brecon meeting centre looks like and seeing other people there that we hadn’t seen online through lockdown! Mum particularly enjoyed the singing and the nature watch photos, each meetings topic also seemed to trigger memories for Mum mostly of her childhood and her parents, often saying things like “Dad has one of those” or “Mum used to make those"

S, Powys

"Being a volunteer with DMiP, particularly when people were only meeting through the internet at the Virtual Meeting Centre gave me and others a sense of belonging and a sense of worth by being able to help people connect. I have made new friends, and felt a close connection with the Powys community. Face-to-face activities have been such fun and something I look forward to as it is extremely rewarding to see the difference that a visit to the Meeting Centre makes to those attending. Long may it continue.’

C, Brecon

"We are new to the Meeting Centre but we have been made to feel so welcome, we really look forward to going each week. We always have a good laugh and the food is good too."
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