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Dementia Reading List 

1. Understanding Alzheimer's Disease & Other Dementias  by Dr Nori Graham & Dr James Warner

Simple, concise, lots of useful diagrams and yet it covers everything you need to know 


2. My Bonnie John Suchet

A must read for all Carers of dementia patients. It takes the shame out of struggling to cope 

3. Alzheimer’s Disease – Everything you need to know Frena Gray-Davidson

The first chapter should be given free to every Carer when they first hear the diagnosis 

4. The Forgetting by David Shenk

This is quite academic but very readable. The explanation of how the brain grows from babyhood to teenager followed by a brilliant explanation of how a person with Alzheimers makes the same journey but in reverse - retrogenesis. 

5. And Still The Music Plays: Stories of People With Dementia by Graham Stokes

Graham Stokes illustrates 2 things very clearly. First, most behavioural problems are a consequence of the environment - not the mind. Second, it can take weeks of observation to understand and resolve the problem - but it's always better in the long term than resorting to drugs or a 'lock down regime'. 

6 Person Centred Dementia Care - Making Services better by Dawn Brooker

This is a text book but the actions described can make a major difference to the lives of people with a dementia. 


7. Understanding Dementia - The Man with the Worried Eyes by Richard Cheston & Micheal Bender

This book is for people studying dementia in an academic/professional capacity and for those who just want to understand the theory behind person centered care rather than just patient care. 


8. Keeper Living with Nancy: A journey into Alzheimer's by Andrea Gillies

A brilliant story about how NOT to do it.  

9. Knickers in the Fridge Jane Grierson

More a story about how to do it. Although, as a guide to dementia and caring it is a little light, the story is brilliant.  

10. Caring - The Essential Guide by Lorena Tonerelli

Many people with a dementia also have other problems (hearing, seeing, mobility, ageing) this is an excellent all purpose caring manual.  

11. Still Alice by Lisa Genova

The author explores in depth what the "rapidly downward spiral into Alzheimer's" feels like.  


12. Dementia Reconsidered -The person comes first by Tom Kitwood

This book is for people studying dementia in an academic/professional capacity.  


13. Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey 

This won the Costa First Novel Award in 2014. It is told in the first person

by a lady with worsening dementia, describing the confusion and fear that

she experiences.

14. Contented Dementia by Oliver James

The book is based on person-centred care but the author has devised a unique way of applying that and has turned it into a commercial enterprise.


15. Is the cooker turned off? Caring for an older person with failing memory by Josephine & Michael Woolf

It does what it says on the cover. It illustrates how dementia in old age differs from dementia in the young. In old age, dementia can be managed through exercise, stimulation and employing many tips and tricks.  

16. What shall we do with Mother? What to do when your elderly parent is dependent on you

by Rosie Staal

The stories of 6 families and how their children dealt with an aging parent who suddenly found themselves alone after the loss of their spouse.  


17. Dancing with Dementia My story of living positively with dementia by Christine Bryden

Christine Bryden’s story of how she dealt with her dementia. 

18. Overcoming Anxiety by Helen Kennerley

The nature of the disease means we never know what will change, when change will happen, how frequent changes will be noticed and how big the changes will be.  

19. Dementia Positive. For everyone wishing to improve the lives of those with dementia

by John Killick

A thought provoking and warm hearted book shows us ways in which we can help and make lives better for all concerned. A Handbook based on lived experiences. 

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