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A successful afternoon at Dementia Matters in Powys Jubilee Games

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

On Thursday, August 11, Dementia Matters in Powys held an afternoon of games and entertainment at Llandewi Village Hall.

Many members of the charity, volunteers, and carers turned out for the afternoon to help out and provide visitors with food and refreshments, before an afternoon of fun and games.

Dementia Matters in Powys held a successful summer games event last year and this year's event was kindly funded by the National Lottery Community Fund via the Awards for All Jubilee Year Grant, with a royal jubilee theme to it.

Games included quoits, a coconut shy, and royal family themed games, such as, guess the royal couple, and guess the royal dish.

Once the games were underway they were interrupted by a flash mob who danced to Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, organised by Impelo, the DMiP team and a large number of volunteers, carers and members. Many visitors were caught by surprise but joined in with the dancing and jubilation before the games resumed.

The results of the games were gathered by the judges, who worked out the first to third place for each competition. trophies and awards were given out to those who had been successful during the games in the scorching hot weather. The day was finished off by Pauline Owen, who sang Calon Lan, and the British National anthem. She was surprised by the Bracken Trust Singers who joined her for her performance.

Reflecting on the games, Dementia Matters in Powys chief officer, Deborah Gerrard, told the Brecon and Radnor Express:

“We were delighted to see so many members, and so much support from everyone attending. Afternoons like this are hugely important and being outside offers a different level of stimulation for our members living with dementia. I was so pleased to see them being involved in the games - that’s what we are here for.”

It is believed that activities that stimulate the mind help to slow its decline in people with dementia.

Dementia Matters in Powys follow the Dutch model for dementia care that originated over 20 years ago. The model has proven to be outstanding in its ability to care for people living with dementia, concentrating on socialisation and stimulation.

Deborah commented on how the afternoon was important for carers as well and allowed them to let off some steam.

She said, “It’s another form of respite, a day to look forward to. It’s key to keeping them going.”

Dementia Matters in Powys has five centres, in Brecon, Llandrindod Wells, Ystradgynlais, Newtown and Welshpool and it has the “aim to create the first dementia friendly county in Wales,” explained Deborah.

The charity, which has 22 volunteers across the county, is also looking for funding and more trustees, specifically in Radnorshire.

Dementia Matters in Powys is keen to raise awareness of dementia and reduce the stigma of people living with dementia.

The centres struggled through lockdown but got support to get equipment out to people to get them online to do sessions over Zoom with themes like going to the horse races and a Village Show. They usually end their sessions with a spot of singing. Their members developed new skills and were able to communicate online and have continued to do so, holding a session on Zoom each week.

Jubilee Games Results:

Best hat winner: Joyce Howells.

Best hat runner-up: Sheena Atkinson.

Best dress winner: Gemma Esvelt.

Best picture portrait of the queen: Thomas Morton.

1st place carer: Bill Jones.

1st place visiting team: Dementia Matters in Herefordshire.

2nd place visiting team: the Welshpool team.

3rd place visiting team: PAVO.

1st place meeting centre: Newtown Meeting Centre.

1st place member: Brenda Jones.

2nd place member: Gill Sandilands.

3rd place member: Eira Jones.

1st place volunteer: Gemma Esvelt.

2nd place volunteer: Joyce Howells.

3rd place volunteer: Mark Michaels and Keith Hodgetts.

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