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Working To Create Communities Where Dementia Matters

Powys has the lowest rate of diagnosis of dementia in the UK, as of November 2019 under 50% diagnosis rate with a recorded 1600 individuals diagnosed with dementia in Powys. There are over 100 types of dementia - the most common is Alzheimer’s Disease - we also experience rarer forms of dementia in Powys. Dementia is the UK’s biggest killer and is increasing in numbers annually; the projected number of those living with dementia in the UK at 2025 is one million, and two million by 2050.

In our communities, people living with dementia are influencing the way dementia is viewed and treated. These changes are not only to the way we react when our friends and family start showing symptoms of the disease but by the health care teams who provide diagnosis, treatment and care. Change happens when people can tell their story and be heard at all levels of our society.

At Dementia Matters in Powys we are here for you at each step; to talk about worries you may have about discussing symptoms with family or a doctor, to assist you with the diagnosis process, to access care, aids and support, and to open the door for you to a inclusive and welcoming community of people.

No-one has to face dementia alone.

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